Writing the Riot Act in the Illiterate Hour

New and Selected Lyrics

by Chris Mosdell

Lyrics selected from film scores (Ann of Green Gables record/book set); pop/rock works (Erotic, Burning Down Bedlam, Undressing Slowly, Leaping through Fiery Hoops); excerpts from The Yelp House Kantos; the television commercial soundtracks of Boy George; the theme song of the Social Democratic Party of Japan (One World); and lyrical pieces for virtual reality programs. Also included are the collaborative works, especially written for this publication, of five renowned Japanese poets (Hiromi Ito, Makoto Ooka, Kazuko Shiraishi, Shuntaro Tanikawa, Gozo Yoshimasu) and their individual poetic interpretations of selected songs.

Published by Shichosha Press, Tokyo, 1997.

“Magnificent... a banquet of sensory delights”
— Vivian Allender, Vogue