The Santiniketan Sutra

Thirty-three Billion Songs on the Road of Reincarnations

by Chris Mosdell

Entitled after the number of gods in the Hindu pantheon, and divided into one hundred and eight sections (the number of appellations of Krishna) this volume is the culmination of the lyricist’s six month sojourn in India, and written in homage to the great India poet Rabindranath Tagore. A great mosaic of cultural observations, that not only describes the physical and psychological microcosm of the Santiniketan locale (where Chris resided) but also the vast “torn galaxy” of the Indian subcontinent itself.

Published by Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi, India, 2008.

“Can be read as a rhythmical litany, as a neo-religious prayer, but ultimately as an explosive edition of sensual shrapnel.” - Sihitya Akademi