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The Lyrics of Chris Mosdell

by Chris Mosdell

The early lyrics. Classic Yellow Magic Orchestra (Solid State Survivor, Behind the Mask, Nice Age, La Femme Chinoise, Citizens of Science), Sheena and the Rokkets (Stiff Lips, Radio Junk, Dead Guitar), Sandii and the Sunsetz (Drip Dry Eyes, Sticky Music, Kingdoms Without Corners), Imitation (Do the Wolf, Muscle and Heat, Exotic Dance), narrative lyrics (Invisible Fire for the Innocent, Where the Youthettes Die of Immortality, Slut Knowledge), a selection of the “visic” experiments, and The Ballad of the Birdhead Boys.

Published by Ancient Alphabets, Tokyo, 1987

“The musicians and groups he has penned lyrics for reads like a who's who of Japanese popular music.”
— Bryan Harrel, The Japan Times

"Here lies the prayer of the praying mantis
On the thorn of the grey backed shrike
The unbalancing squawk of the blood soaked kestrel
The gold crested globe, the jade kingfisher
And the song of the violinnet"
— Chris Mosdell

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