The Songlines of Chris Mosdell

by Chris Mosdell

The collected works—a 300 page edition of Mosdell’s lyrical plunder. The City of Song: The Incendiary Arias (including Aorta Avenue: Winner of the Grand Prize for Poetry at the Boulder, Colorado, Festival of Literature); lyrics from the virtual reality saga Thrills in Voidville (Crashing the Cranium Car, The King is on the Clone Throne, Savage Me With Ultrasonic Sensuality); a selection from The Erotic Odes and Anthems: The Love Songs of Boy Abyss; The 88 Intensities: A Book of Charms; and lyrics from Ink Music, LAA, Writing the Riot Act in the Illiterate Hour and Living on Roar Street with the World and his Wife.

Published by Emerson's Eye Press, Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A. 2000

“As a lyricist Chris Mosdell has stretched every boundary one can in his approach to structure and form. More poetic than a Kerouac or a Bukowski, yet just as blunt and edgy as his predecessors, Mosdell is a must read.”
— Razor Reviews

"When I read his lyrics, I see him
in a high school chemistry laboratory,
making Molotov cocktails - his eyes lucid,
blue and very clear"
- Ryuichi Sakamoto