the erotic odes

A bilingual edition translated by Shuntaro Tanikawa and Rie Terada. A collection of 48 (the number of sexual positions in the Japanese shijuhatte) odes (Meditations on Ms Inferno, Aphrodisiaxe, The Democracy of Touch, The Female Furnace) adjoined to a series of shunga (erotic Edo Period Japanese woodcut prints) graphically enhanced and coloured. Also included are commissioned pieces by the avant garde calligraphist Juichi Yoshikawa. A deluxe bedside edition. Original shunga from the private collection of Shuntaro Tanikawa’s father, the philosopher Tetsuzo Tanikawa.

“An intercourse of word and image, this publication is an orgiastic bicultural coup, a rare work of art.”
— Taylor Mignon, The Japan Times

First published by Libroport, Tokyo, 1997.
Republished by Seigensha Publishing, 2008.

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