The Word Smithy

Pierced by Mystic Shrapnel

from City of Song: The Incendiary Arias

words by Chris Mosdell

I’ve seen Eternity Snipers popping off Brainthrowers
In spasm taverns in Wipe Out City
Dream grenades exploding in the entombed and encoded minds
Of the Great Blab Bards of Equanimity
And Godomites on fast faith opiates spiraling
Through the aisles of Convulsion Ghetto
On Stimulation Pilgrimages among the aura-entrails
In tyranny holsters with sting stilettos

I have seen the sky pierced with mystic shrapnel
The night’s Nyphetamines hung with squeal-skin drums
Figure Maters, Trigger Happies in their first Breath Throes
Sap Slobs suckling identikids, Little Squealer and Jelly Joe

O I’m a wreckage on the surface But beneath this ruined sight
Shooting through the bloodlanes Errant atoms, haloed bright

I’ve seen Full Blasters, Aphrodisiaxes
Beautysleepers, the Varicoma Vains
Pop Slops, the Big Berserks and Slime Rhymers
Spinning mumbo-numbo tongue tales
Transplanters on vitro-crutches and Vulturians
Their 4th-eyes pulsing beneath their skins
Frenzy Sons peddling sense-kicks
And the Quag Choirs crooning the Womb Wings

I have seen the sky swirling in ol’ erogenous ether
I have shone with sharpened light as I’ve stood beneath it
Smoked eclipse spliffs under ceilings encrusted with fiery flowers
Sacred syrups rushing through the body’s full flesh tower

On my forehead alight
Plumes of phantom light
In my weakened eyes
The call of clearer sight