pills to pop

Chris downed a few pop pills and wrote six songs for VITAMIN Q, a group billed as a gathering of "super producers," whose roots are not only in the Japanese music scene but also have strong ties with England. Kazuhiko Kato and Ray Ohara hail from the Sadistic Mika Band who toured with Roxy Music in the 70s, Gota drummed, for many years with Simply Red, and Masami Tsuchiya added his guitar chops to David Sylvian and the group Japan. The vocalist Anza, compliments the star power with her vocal range and her uniquely eccentric stage presence.

The lyrics for the song Lotus Avenue are a tribute to Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wide Side, yet set in the streets and clublands of a modern day Shibuya.

See the Blackout Boys go by
With their doomsday voodoo eyes
And the wowgirls sigh like virgin brides
Dragon-skin boots way up high
Meet me in the Honey House
In the darkest room
Where they serve up chaos
On a spoon

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