2016 was a busy and energizing year for Chris on the performance circuit. Continuing his collaboration with the ensemble ENSO WATT, he wrote the scenario and performed in two events at the cult venue UrbanGuild, Kyoto. Originally beginning as a celebration of the 100th anniversary of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, this series of shows has mutated into a journey through time and space – developing into a deconstruction of language and a dystopian look at an array of cyber-social phenomena. The "trip" continues with further shows scheduled.

He was also invited to join another art collective – "Tropical Tree" – the name based on the writings of the famed Japanese writer Yukio Mishima. At the Abiko International Open-Air Art Festival he performed his poem "TO BUDDHA'S TOWER AND BEYOND" – a treatise on the stones in a traditional Japanese garden The group included the calligraphy artist Setsuhi Shiraishi, sho player Tokiko Ihara, French guitarist Nikolas Laferrerie, percussionist Naoto Yamagishi and photographer and producer Leo Pellegatta. At a second performance in Kyoto they were joined by the phenomenal "tuned wine glass" player Mayumi Tanaka.

Later in the year he wrote the scenario and performed the program "The Ark, the Crane and the Turtle" at the Biwako Biennale, Omihachiman, Shiga in central Japan. Based on the premise that the Ark of the Covenant found its final resting place on the island of Shikoku, the event combined Tarot card readings with cultural lore and ancient Japanese myth. Again this was a multimedia presentation - including ancient gagaku and silk road instruments - set against environmental field recordings by the sound artist Samuel Andre.

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