Collaborating with the young guitarist Ris (The Sonic Squirrel) Chris has written lyrics for a series of new ventures. For Ris’s solo album BRIGHT-EYED AND BUSHY TAILED he penned CINDERELLA CITY, and LOVE CLUB for the compilation HERE COMES THE GIRLS’ ZOO.

In a rare display of bloodthirstiness and vitriolic lyricism - (Hey, a job’s a job, and someone had to do it!) Chris was commissioned to write a song (composed by Ris) for the upcoming Play Station 4 soundtrack LET IT DIE - a “hack and slash” action game. The song LONG LIVE THE PHOENIX OF THE MIND, a dark and unabashed violent anthem, perfectly compliments the blood and gore caricatured in the virtual world. Chris hopes that it stays virtual - very virtual!

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