the chrysanthemum and the rose

Amaterasu Over Albion

To celebrate Japan Year in Britain, Chris was commissioned to write the scenario/script for the Anglo-Japanese masked dance drama AMATERASU (THE SUN GODESS): The Resurrection of Radiance, performed at the Theatre Royal Dury Lane in May 2001. In collaboration with Super Kabuki/Issey Miyake fashion designer/director Tomio Mohri, choreographer Cathy Marston and the City Ballet of London, the play was an adaptation of the ancient Japanese epic depicting the mystical roots of the nation and the genesis of dance – a story of divine wrath, retribution and redemption.

Written in blank verse with a British caste of Shakespearean actors, the famed Japanese taiko drummer Miyuki Ikeda, super-model Sayako Yamaguchi, and music by ex-Sadistic Mica Band founder Kazuhiko Kato, the play employed techniques from the traditional stage of Kabuki together with innovative choreography from contemporary dance—a unique production illuminating the melding of culture and assorted media.

Performances: May 23-27, The Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London.

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