the indian odyssey

Invited by the Institute of Tagore Studies and Research at Nisva-Bharati, Santiniketan, West Bengal, for an extended stay as a "visiting fellow," Chris, here in India’s Abode of Peace, (where the Nobel Prize Winning Poet Rabindranath Tagore lived and set up his unique and experimental school of learning), gave performances of his work and wrote a new series of lyrical pieces. Based on the 108 appellations of Krishna, and the tripartite mystical utterance of the Upanisads, the completed composition is essentially a ceremonial chant-like litany or sutra.

Entitled Thirty-Three Billion Songs on the Road of Reincarnations (after the number of deities in the Hindu pantheon), this volume, a vast rhythmical mosaic of observations/experiences, is the antithesis of Chris’s customary frenetic approach. Rather it is a becalming product of the country of its origin.

"At times depicting the overpowering beauty of an exotic environment and at times detailing the harsh realities beneath these aesthetics, the sutra can be read as a rhythmical litany, as a neo-religious prayer, but ultimately as an explosive edition of sensual shrapnel."

— Sahitya Akademi

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