gundam and the gang

One of the lyricist's latest "rhythm blizzards" has been his involvement in an assortment of anime enterprises—writing the theme song (After All) for the classic Japanese robot warrior movie (Mobile Suit) GUNDAM, together with other songs for the soundtrack, (Song of a Stone, The Eternity Dance, Until); providing lyrics for the popular COWBOY BEBOP films (Butterfly, The Singing Sea) and working on the acclaimed animation forerunner GHOST IN THE SHELL, writing Beauty is Within Us, The End of All You’ll Know and Giant Global Gods Are We.

All have been in partnership with the composer Yoko Kanno, who Chris says he has "waited years to meet" and whose emotive melodies, he says, have a wonderfully close affinity to his own rhythms of writing. Obviously, a symbiosis made in Shibuya!

After All
The End of All You’ll Know
Beauty Is Within Us
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