the hat is back

August, 2003, EQUASIAN, Chris’s classic "VISIC" (visual music) opus is re-released in all its glory through Sony Music—a soft-cased, limited edition, with the original visic book of prints in full colour included. In addition, Chris documents the unique recording session with personal anecdotes and insights into the compositions and lyrical creations.

He writes: "I see now how uncompromising, how obsessive, how unswerving in my blinkered ideology I was in those heady days of experimentation. Today I truly have to marvel at my own fanaticism to create the most brilliant beast. Sometimes it all seems to balance, and then again it all seems to tipple into the fathomless abyss. At times I believe I discover synergic penicillin, and at times the laboratory erupts and explodes. But I presume that too is all part of the equation."

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