The collected works—a 300 page edition of Mosdell's lyrical plunder. The City of Song: The Incendiary Arias (including Aorta Avenue: Winner of the Grand Prize for Poetry at the Boulder, Colorado, Festival of Literature); lyrics from the virtual reality saga Thrills in Voidville (Crashing the Cranium Car, The King is on the Clone Throne, Savage Me With Ultrasonic Sensuality); a selection from The Erotic Odes and Anthems: The Love Songs of Boy Abyss; The 88 Intensities: A Book of Charms; and lyrics from Ink Music, LAA, Writing the Riot Act in the Illiterate Hour and Living on Roar Street with the World and his Wife.

“As a lyricist Chris Mosdell has stretched every boundary one can in his approach to structure and form. More poetic than a Kerouac or a Bokowski, yet just as blunt and edgy as his predecessors, Mosdell is a must read.”
Razor Reviews

Published by Emerson's Eye Press, Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A. 2000

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